About Us

Hello "Lieve Snoep & Koffievrienden"!

We are Erwin and Nadja ten Peze 👋🏽
Since a few years we have our regular spots on several week-markets throughout the Netherlands and Germany. With tons of joy, we sell our high-quality, bio-certificated coffee-specialties!

For quite some time now we had been discussing whether to open a small, cozy business which would enable us to serve our coffee-specialties to more people in our direct environment. And as said; we did it.

In the (turbulent) year of 2020 we opened our little café with the funny name: "Koffie ErNa"! Because we both - Erwin the 'typical Dutchman', and Nadja the 'Sweet-loving Hessin' - have a passion for Dutch liquorice of all kinds; we decided to adopt these 'lekkere snoepjes' in our collection!

Now we sell our high-quality bio-coffee and original Dutch liquorice and winegums not just in our store anymore, but also in our webshop!

Dive into the most delicious world of the universe..
'Lekkere' original Dutch liquorice and high-quality bio-coffee!!

Have fun, enjoy and 'Hartelijke Groetjes',

Erwin and Nadja Ten Peze